Natalie Bailey

Believe me It Works!!! Never in my wildest dreams could I ever imagine embarking on this voyage...but low and behold; HERE I AM!

To admit that I was the biggest skeptic in town would unequivocally be an understatement. Being a new mom, coming from a background in Social Work, I had no time, interest or desire initially in joining sort of Network Marketing journey.

But ItWorks has changed my life and my entire thought process. 


After having my son, I noticed dramatic changes on areas of my body. Losing most of my hair during pregnancy is what spearheaded the research for products that would help me grow my hair back. One day my best friend told me about ItWorks hair skin and nails and BOOM!!!! I was intrigued. I began looking at other ItWorks products that spoke to my needs and lifestyle, and a found Greens!!


I can go on for days but to be honest I found a great line of products that I want to share with others. I was able to join an amazing team of driven people who felt the same way I do and I knew that God had open my eyes and my life to up to a great opportunity. 


Anyhow..Enough about my story, let's start yours now!!!

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